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Our school has an excellent Orientation Department directed by two professionals in the area, working in the counseling of parents, teachers, students, in search of patterns of preventive solutions to problems psycho-pedagogical and students with learning disabilities .


Desarrollar un proceso de intervención académica mediante el cual las metas establecidas a lo largo del proceso de enseñanza - aprendizaje puedan ser alcanzadas por nuestros alumnos, trabajando activmente con nuestro equipo interdisciplinario.

Develop an academic intervention process by which the goals set during the teaching - learning process can be achieved by our students, working actively with our interdisciplinary team.


Is the total development of students, academically, emotionally, socially and physically in a safe and comfortable environment. The assistance given will be individualized to each student to present difficulties accommodating the process according to their needs and learning style. We wan to educate students safely, with a healthy self-esteem so they operate successfully within its environment.