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The school has a permanent nurse. If you need to supply medicine to your child during school hours, you must fill out a form explaining what your child will need and explain the times and manner of administering it. Without this document the nurse is not authorized to administer medication to students. STUDENTS ARE CAN´T SELF MEDICATE.


The eye exam and hearing conducted by an optometrist and ENT is mandatory, because if the child has problems with one of these important organs, it can affect his ability to learn and thus hinder the proper development of student behavior in school. This review should occur every year.

Pediculosis (head lice) is a common problem among children. The nurse and the Counselor review regularly students, parents should inspect their children at home frequently. Students who exhibit this type of problem may not attend classes until it is eliminated.


Los alumnos de Pre-Escolar y Primaria deben presentar una Constancia en Recetario Médico haciendo constar que sus vacunas están al día (Difteria, tétano, poliomielitis, rubéola, paperas, sarampión) Los alumnos, deben presentar la Tarjeta de Salud extendida por la Cruz Roja o un laboratorio privado.

Students in Preschool and Primary must file a Certificate stating that immunizations are up to date (Diphtheria, tetanus, polio, rubella, mumps, rubella) Students must submit a Health Card issued by the Cruz Roja or a private laboratory.