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Your School guidance counselor helps you to understand how you feel about things and why you behave the way you do. A counselor helps you learn how to get along with other people and how to do your best in school.

The guidance counselor helps you with many different questions and problems. Sometimes a counselor will talk with a child alone; sometimes there is a small group; and, sometimes there may be a visit and a lesson with a whole class.

A guidance counselor tries to help children who:

  • Feel angry, or lonely, or sad, or troubled.
  • Are having problems at home that may affect their behavior in school, a divorce, death, illness in the family, or some other problems.
  • Are not behaving properly in the classroom, or the playground, or in the bus.
  • Have trouble working or playing with other children, or grown-ups.
  • Are not doing their school work even though it´s not difficult, for them.

These are just a few of the things the counselor may be asked to help.
A guidance counselor also works with the classroom teacher, special area service teams, and the administration to help the child while he/she is in school. The counselor may also talk with parents and suggest ways that can help the child at home.

If you are having problems in school, your teacher, your principal, or some other person who care about you may ask the counselor to help. You can talk to the counselor and find out about ways to feel better and to do better in school.





Guidance counselors helps children with many things but, most of all, they help children be and feel and do their very best.