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The school has a permanent nurse. If you need to supply medicine to your child during school hours, you must fill out a form explaining what your child will need and explain the times and manner of administering it. Without this document the nurse is not authorized to administer medication to students. STUDENTS ARE CAN´T SELF MEDICATE.


The eye exam and hearing conducted by an optometrist and ENT is mandatory, because if the child has problems with one of these important organs, it can affect his ability to learn and thus hinder the proper development of student behavior in school. This review should occur every year.

Pediculosis (head lice) is a common problem among children. The nurse and the Counselor review regularly students, parents should inspect their children at home frequently. Students who exhibit this type of problem may not attend classes until it is eliminated.


Los alumnos de Pre-Escolar y Primaria deben presentar una Constancia en Recetario Médico haciendo constar que sus vacunas están al día (Difteria, tétano, poliomielitis, rubéola, paperas, sarampión) Los alumnos, deben presentar la Tarjeta de Salud extendida por la Cruz Roja o un laboratorio privado.

Students in Preschool and Primary must file a Certificate stating that immunizations are up to date (Diphtheria, tetanus, polio, rubella, mumps, rubella) Students must submit a Health Card issued by the Cruz Roja or a private laboratory.  



The academic counseling - student service team supports & assist students, parents and faculty in the academic educational process.
The academic mission of Freedom High School is to assist students:

  • Demonstrate a strong sense of personal responsibility for academic progress.
  • Understand the positive effects of academic achievement on career opportunities, self-respect and personal studying.

To the above mission the academic student service team assumes the following role:

  • Professional counselors uphold high academic standards for themselves and for Freedom High School students.
  • Professional counselors meet with students in order to assist them in attaining the above goals.
  • Professional counselors provide a communicate link with parents on academic issues.
  • Professional counselors support the Freedom High School administration and faculty in their academic pursuits - keeping in mind the best interest of the student and his/her future.
  • Counselors will meet with students and parents various times throughout the year (with appointment) to assist students with upcoming events that are beneficial in achieving our academic mission.


Walton International Scholarship Program
ACT. SAT and TOEFL Testing Dates
College Board
Freedom Model UN Simulation
PSAT Information 2011
Student Council 2011
Brief Tips for entering US Universities
Tips for entering US Universities





Need more information? Contact Mr. Luis Chavez at lchavez@happydaysfreedomThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Freedom High School has counseling services to help students have a successful college experience. One important aspect of having students receive the best possible advice concerning educational and career goals involves working with counseling services. Our counselors assist students in dealing with most problems and concerns that may interfere with their success.


Provide specific support to students who desire to continue their studies overseas.  Assistance will be provided such as official transcripts, testing preparedness, process of admissions and visa information.


• Identify and invite students (along with their parents) who need the support of the Academic Counselor.
• Work hand in hand with teachers to provide appropriate techniques to improve test scores on the PSAT, SAT and AP tests.
• Develop an Individual Counseling Plan for interested students and parents to improve the possibility of Freedom High School students the opportunity to study overseas.




Our school has an excellent Orientation Department directed by two professionals in the area, working in the counseling of parents, teachers, students, in search of patterns of preventive solutions to problems psycho-pedagogical and students with learning disabilities .


Desarrollar un proceso de intervención académica mediante el cual las metas establecidas a lo largo del proceso de enseñanza - aprendizaje puedan ser alcanzadas por nuestros alumnos, trabajando activmente con nuestro equipo interdisciplinario.

Develop an academic intervention process by which the goals set during the teaching - learning process can be achieved by our students, working actively with our interdisciplinary team.


Is the total development of students, academically, emotionally, socially and physically in a safe and comfortable environment. The assistance given will be individualized to each student to present difficulties accommodating the process according to their needs and learning style. We wan to educate students safely, with a healthy self-esteem so they operate successfully within its environment.





Our institution has a specially equipped multifunctional laboratory with all necessary tools to provide students practical support of what they learn in class. Aims to develop skills on the theory taught in class.

El Laboratorio de Ciencias fue diseñado por especialistas en equipamiento de laboratorios y aprobado por la compañia Sheldom Labs, de Estados Unidos. Consta de 4 mesas especiales de fibra de carbono y 4 mesas de formica con base de madera, así mismo como parte del sistema de prevención de riesgos y accidentes consta con una ducha de emergencia especialmente diseñada en caso de accidentes dentro del laboratorio. Se implementó a partir del año 2009 y se imparte como mínimo una vez por semana. Los diferentes grados reciben el laboratorio en base a su clase de ciencia, siendo esta repartida de la siguiente manera:

The Science Lab was designed by specialists in laboratory equipment and approved by Sheldon Labs, a company from United States. It consists of 4 special carbon fiber tables and 4 wood base tables, also as part of the system of prevention of risks and accidents it has a specially designed emergency shower in case of accidents in the laboratory. The Lab was implemented from 2009 and it´s taught at least once a week. Grades receive the laboratory depending on their Science class:


7th Grade Earth Science
8th Grade Physical Science
9th Grade Biology
10th Grade Physics & Chemistry
11th Grade Physics & Chemistry