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Our students will become bilingual citizens, proactive leaders, independent, and socially responsible thinkers able to apply 21st century skills to solve real-world problems.


Provide the tools, resources, research based strategies and educational practices necessary for our students to develop their potential within a safe environment where they feel appreciated.

Core Values

  1. Moral Values: Respect, Punctuality, Responsibility, Work Ethic, Equity, Honesty, Courtesy, Transparency, Discipline.
  2. National Identity, Patriotism and Citizenship.
  3. Pluralism (tolerance, cultural diversity, multilingualism) .
  4. Service-Learning, Empathy, Compassion, Humanism and Synergy.
  5. Constructivism (Cooperation, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity).
  6. Proper Resource Management (Time, Money, Goods).
  7. Independence, Critical Thinking.
  8. Professional Development.
  9. Scientific Inquiry.
  10. Creative and Artistic Development.
  11. Curricular and Extra Curricular Activities.
  12. Physical and Mental Health, Personal Hygiene.

Philosophy and Objectives 

Happy Days-Freedom’s pedagogical creed is one “Where every student is important”, and places he/she at the center of our school community, AND we believe it is pivotal to…

  1. Foster civic virtues such as: respect, punctuality, responsibility, work ethic, equity, honesty and courtesy.
  2. Promote patriotism and national identity so as to shape upstanding and socially responsible citizens.
  3. Cultivate pluralism and celebrate diversity, encouraging our students to practice tolerance, inclusion and multilingualism.
  4. Instill a culture of community service and empathy in order to celebrate the common good.
  5. Teach at high levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy at all stages and academic areas in order to help students develop critical thinking.
  6. Operate with fiscal and financial integrity for the sake of the continuation of our school community.
  7. Create an environment that contributes to the emotional and physical well-being of our students.
  8. Offer a wide variety of curricular and extracurricular activities that develop our students varied interests and abilities.
  9. Apply constructivist theory in the teaching process to instill cooperation, communication, critical and independent thinking in our students.
  10. Apply teaching strategies that recognize and respect the individual differences of our students.
  11. Encourage leadership through service learning, artistic appreciation, scientific inquiry and extracurricular activities.
  12. Foster proper resource management skills, and the ethical use of technology.
  13. Facilitate professional development so as to ensure continual professional growth.
  14. Raise awareness regarding environmental sustainability.
  15. Recognize teacher expectations and perceptions are linked to student