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It is the responsibility of the School Advisory Board to help increase student achievement and success both physically and academically. In the process of developing the school improvement plan, the SAB conducts a needs assessment that identifies internal and external factors that affect student learning. Then, working with the information revealed by the needs analysis, the SAB assists in clarifying the vision for the school and establishing indicators of student success. The SAB focuses on the needs of students, including what they need to know (curriculum content) and be able to do (performance application). The plan also should reflect any special interests and needs of the students and community served by the school. Another primary task of the SAB is to regularly communicate with other parents, educators, students and the community about the school improvement plan.

School Advisory Board Bylaws

In order to increase student achievement and minimize the possibility of any conflict of interest at Freedom High School, the Board of Directors has decided to create an organization to aid the Board and the school reach its goals. This group of advisors will be made up of outstanding individuals of our school and broad community. To work effectively, this council shall have clear instructions, rules and regulations regarding their duties. Therefore a set of Bylaws or a constitution has been drafted, and shall be adopted by these advisors. These bylaws are clear procedures to create an efficient organization.