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Our curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of all our students and is based on a US and HONDURAN style curriculum. The unique individual needs of each child are respected and provided for. The curriculum introduces children to logical thinking, problem solving, information gathering and the building of a knowledge bank.

The curriculum

  • Is linked throughout the school divisions (Preschool-
    Elementary-High School) to make the transition through the divisions a smoother passage.  
  • Implements key critical thinking skills in each subject area.  
  • Is supervised by the curriculum coordinator, principals, vice-principals, and superintendant who are aware of the students’ needs and where the students should be headed.
  • Thoroughly follows the school’s philosophy and objectives.

Happy Days School & Freedom High School has adopted, in order to continue the process of academic achievement, the improvement in the quality of educational service. This improvement is being done by reviewing the school’s curriculum and upgrading its critical thinking skills in each subject taught. The curriculum is coherent with the topics and subjects taught, most important it is not text book driven. The curriculum is revised and changed yearly according to cultural changes and human reality and needs. The curriculum was not designed to have proof of the service the school provides but to build identities by providing different strategies to improve the educational quality that our school provides to the society.


The curriculum includes experiences in the following areas:


Opportunities to develop social skills such as cooperating, helping others, negotiating and talking through problems.


Exposure to quality stories, dramatic play, conversation, reading comprehension.


Activities to develop concepts in Math, Science, Social Studies, Home Ed. Spanish, English.


Activities to develop and enhance large and small motor skills.


Creative expression through a variety of art and music experiences.


Our main goal is to embrace a variety of strategies to guide the students in their learning process in order to acquire the skills necessary to develop their full potential.